Humans Behind Homelessness

The Goal

Our goal in putting this series together is to spotlight individuals in an attempt to share their stories so as to put personal faces to homelessness; rather than folks in need being thought of simply as another generic statistic. To many, the concepts of “homelessness” and “poverty” come with stereotypes and myths that need to be debunked. We want to make a concerted effort to speak with individuals of all backgrounds who are currently experiencing homelessness and share their stories with a wider audience in hopes of not only erasing stigmas but finding said individuals sustainable opportunities to move forward towards self-sufficiency by way of housing and employment.

Marcel Santos

Meet Marcel Santos. Marcel is truly a beautiful person who has been experiencing homelessness for over a decade. Marcel was gracious enough to share his story with us in hopes that we could pass it along to a wider community and ultimately help him find long term housing and a sustainable job. Marcel eloquently sheds light on his experience in shelters, the vicious cycle of dependency, common stereotypes and misconceptions of folks who live on the street, and the importance of demonstrating respect and humanity for your fellow citizens.