Spreading Warmth

At our core, Twoque is about doing one thing really well: spreading warmth. 
Our mission is to partner with humanitarian organizations and supply them with donations of brand new, cold-weather garments to provide low income families and individuals living in poverty with appropriate clothing to stay warm throughout winter. Regardless of socioeconomic status, with the winter season comes the bitter cold. And everybody deserves to be warm when the temperature dips. 
Twoque was founded by two childhood friends from Toronto, Canada who saw a tremendous opportunity to create a business founded on the platform of social enterprise. Thus, we decided to enter into the business of Socially Conscious Fashion. We are hoping that we can help make an impact on our local community and, ultimately, to the Canadian populous at large by doubling down on our efforts of distributing warmth.
Each year, we aim to partner with organizations who share similar goals and value systems as we do. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that we are not simply looking to act as a stop-gap for the larger problem at hand but we want to work with notable organizations who are working towards prevention of homelessness and are offering unique opportunities to help those in need throughout the country.
We are always open to new partnerships as we continue to grow and service as wide of community as we can.